Nul en anglais? Pas grave, 🇫🇷 une version Francaise 🇫🇷 , bien supérieure 😬, est aussi disponible.

Of course, I’m not really a mosquito. Nor a hero, for that matter. In reality, my name is Cédric Delalande.

After a 19-year career as an English teacher, I switched to IT - no regrets.

I code in Ruby on Rails, and Golang. I’m interested in Crystal and Elixir. I have a DevOps streak, with solid experience in Kubernetes on Google Cloud and AWS.

I maintain the Barley gem, a godsend serializer.

I have a soft spot for clean code and software architecture in general. I’m a convinced user of Emacs (Doom flavor) and I type in bépo.

A longtime blogger, I wrote a book in 2013 about the role and message of the Protestant church in modern society, addressing, among other things, the issue of welcoming LGBTQ+. Available as an eBook or in print.

You can find me all over the web under my pseudonym MoskitoHero, or under my real name.

Let’s stay in touch!