I'm moving to WriteFreely!

Photo by Michal Balog on Unsplash

After deleting my #Twitter account for good earlier this week, I have decided to move my personal website to a new host, in order to be able to use the #ActivityPub-compatible #WriteFreely app.

I decided to go for the self-hosted setup – just because I can. And because I had a useless VPS waiting to be used at Hetzner Cloud.

Setup was fairly simple. I just had to follow the instuctions given on the WriteFreely website, and I imported all my Jekyll markdown files.

The longest step was re-formatting broken lines and dealing with images. There seems to be no image uploading system for now, so I had to scp them to the server and rewrite the correct url. Good thing I only had a few.

The typing interface is very minimal and all this seems quite nice to use for now.

So, you can subscribe to my posts by following Mo[email protected] on any ActivityPub-compatible network.

Let's see how my website runs on this new federated blogging system !

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