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OK, I am not really a moskito. Not a hero, either.

Behind the mask of an avenger of source code, of a bug-slaying defender of good practices, is the very humble Cédric Delalande, a backend developer based in #Poitiers, #France.

After working for 19 years as an english teacher, I changed career radically and decided to become a developer. Needless to say I never looked back.

I code in #Ruby on #Rails, or #Golang. I am also interested in #Crystal and #Elixir. I also do #DevOps, and I have quite a good experience working with #Kubernetes on #GoogleCloudPlatform and #AWS. I help maintain the rails-i18n gem.

I really like clean code and software architecture as a whole. I am an #Emacs enthusiast (#Doom style) and I type in #bépo – the french #dvorak layout.

After blogging for several years, I wrote a book (in French only) in 2013 about the role and the message of the protestant church in modern society, by raising, among other things, the question of the place of #LGBTQ+ minorities in the church. Available in paperback or ebook.

You will find me here and there on the internet as MoskitoHero, or under my real-life identity.

Let's keep in touch!